SummerSoC 2020: Domain-driven Service Design

SummerSoC 2020 paper presentation: Context Modeling, Model Refactoring and Contract Generation - this blogpost documents my examples and continues the demonstration at SummerSoC 2020 towards contract generation.

A Modeling Framework for Strategic Domain-driven Design and Service Decomposition

With my master thesis at HSR I proposed a modeling framework for Strategic Domain-driven Design (DDD) and service decomposition that has been implemented by the Context Mapper open source project.

Service Decomposition as a Series of Architectural Refactorings

This term project conducted at HSR presents Architectural Refactorings (ARs) derived from Decomposition Criteria (DC) compiled from literature and own experience. The selected ARs have been implemented as code refactorings for the Context Mapping DSL (CML) language in the Context Mapper tool.

Context Mapper: A DSL for Service Decomposition

A Domain-specific Language (DSL) for Service Decomposition based on the strategic Domain-Driven Design (DDD) patterns. A term project at HSR.