Papers & Publications


  • Domain-driven Service Design - Context Modeling, Model Refactoring and Contract Generation, Stefan Kapferer and Olaf Zimmermann, In Papers From the 14th Advanced Summer School on Service-Oriented Computing (SummerSOC’20),
  • Domain-driven Architecture Modeling and Rapid Prototyping with Context Mapper, Stefan Kapferer and Olaf Zimmermann, In Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development, Springer International Publishing, Cham
    • to be published soon
  • Domain-specific Language and Tools for Strategic Domain-driven Design, Context Mapping and Bounded Context Modeling, Stefan Kapferer and Olaf Zimmermann, In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development - MODELSWARD, pages 299–306. INSTICC, SciTePress
  • A Modeling Framework for Strategic Domain-driven Design and Service Decomposition, Master Thesis 2020, Abstract, PDF, Publication University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil HSR